2011 RAFFLE WINNERS – Bikers Against Drunk Drivers


All Winners

Kenny L Vaughn, Ticket# 1860318 Bike Week For Life, Unit#, 702 Royal Floridian

Charles Knapp Ticket# 9383006 Bike Week For Life, Unit# 716, Royal Floridian

Sam Pelotto Ticket# 599425 1919 Ford Speedster

Stephani Monaghan Ticket# 9298978 Original 1959 Panhead

Tim Hinson Ticket# 9456012 50th Anniversary Sucker Punch Sally Custom Panhead Duo – Burgandy

Roscoe Stanley Ticket# 055750 50th Anniversary Sucker Punch Sally Custom Panhead Duo – Sky Blue

Gregory E. Hughes Ticket# 8851165 1923 Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod

Charles Juan Owle Ticket# 9462621 50th Anniversary Sucker Puch Sally Custom Panhead Duo – Dark Blue

Grand Prize Winners

Nick Gurule Ticket# 1789359 Nick chose the amazing Gibson Guitar Chopper

Ed Watts Ticket# 1704687 1937 Ford Pick Up and 1927 Ford T-Bucket Hot Rod

Dave Mann Painting Prints

John Fossat Ticket# 073610 Kids In Garage

Harold Matrires Ticket# 1433808 Redwoods

Larry Bohannon Ticket# 9981352 Sportster Sunset

Leroy G Schaeffer Ticket# 1908578 Desert Chase

Congratulations to all these lucky folks!

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