2013 RAFFLE WINNERS – Bikers Against Drunk Drivers


Grand Prize Winner Joy Mathews

Ticket# 8887872. Joy chose the White and Red 1965 Cobra repro and the Thunder Mountain NASCAR custom Harley.

David Banks

Ticket # 8243786 David won the 1959 Chevy Apache Pick Up Truck and took the cash prize instead.

Nancy Loev

Ticket # 9368895 Nancy Gets the Black and White Sucker Punch Sally 1958 Panhead Duo.

Jacqueline Woerner

Ticket # 8670959 Jackie supported us big time as she has done the past 6 years. She had 1500 tickets in the barrel and won the Thunder Mountain NASCAR Custom Bike

Carl Boone

Ticket # 9371139 Carl chose the Scott Jacobs Art Litho “After The Ride”

Other Winners

Ivan McDonell, Ticket # 8132808 Ivan chose the Condor Motorcycle Chock System

Suzie Maguschak, Ticket # 8554192 Suzie chose the Teal and Black Sucker Punch Sally 1958 Panhead Duo.

Hirum Martin, Ticket # 7363498 Hirum wins the Fine Art Litho of “Gloria” from David Uhl